Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Christmas Parade

I did not realize this but this was not only little Ms. Gabi's first parade, but also V and SuSu's first. The City of Sumter had a nice little parade and as you can see below the favorite attraction was the Ms. McDuffie Furniture entry on her own personal Grandpa powered papoose.


Jane and Jeremy came down from Boston for Thanksgiving and for us it was our first time seeing Ms. Martha. Even though she never really warmed up to me, one glance from those beautiful baby blues made it impossible for me to be upset. Jane and Jeremy are very cool parents which of course means they have very cool kids. We had such a great time at the First Annual McDuffie Family Thanksgiving at the Nest. Can't wait till next year ... we hope to double the numbers at the Pre-Thanksgiving Oyster Roast.

"Yummy! Yummy!" says Jane.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Brice stops in

Brice came by last week for a visit. It was his first time seeing Baby Gabi. We were all happy to see him and are wishing him the best of luck in Oklahoma. Brice will be there for a few months and then hopefully be calling home with some good news. I think these are the first pictures of all the Sumter grands ... we are hoping to get all the McDuffie grandchildren together over Thanksgiving for a picture.


How could such a cute little girl give her momma soooo much trouble? I think the last picture might give us a clue.

Halloween costumes

We didn't mean to, but we had ended up with a themed Halloween.
Can you guess the movie???

of course ... The Wizard of Oz ... with Glinda the good witch and the Cowardly Lion.

Halloween Carnivals

Here are some shots from the Millwood and First Presbyterian Halloween Carnivals. Parker and Aunt Jen went with V and Suyan to the Millwood Elementary Carnival and of course came home with prizes from the costume contest. Then we all went to the carnival at Jessica and Steven's church. Is it bad that the only time I go to church is on Halloween?

Halloween on Haynesworth

I'm not really sure how it started, (I'm sure Dad has the unabridged story), but Halloween has always been alot of fun with and for the McDuffies. After a couple of years off, Halloween on Hampton has been relocated to its most probable "final resting place." Complete with strobe and black lights, witches and goblins, coffins and skeletons, the corner of Haynesworth and Guignard has never seemed so unapproachable. With more visitors than expected I'm sure this marks the reincarnation of many more terrified mothers leaving their babies to fend for themselves as they run in fear from the sick and twisted sense of humor of Angus and Sue.